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nalgene water bottlesnalgene water bottles

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Nalgene Water Bottles, a product of Nalge Nunc International, represent an economical and eco-friendly breakthrough in the manufacturing of reusable water bottles.

Taking into consideration recent studies conducted by the FDA, the EPA and The American Plastics Council, the manufacturing of each BPA free bottle is rigorously monitored for customer safety and satisfaction.

BPA, or Bisphenol A, is an organic compound which is found in polycarbonate plastic products.

Government-issued reports in 2008 raised concerns over the safety of BPA, and in 2010, an FDA issued report led to the questioning of its effects on the health of infants and young children.…

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Stainless Steel Water Bottlestainless steel water bottle

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The Klean Kanteen company introduced their first stainless steel water bottle in 2004. Before that time the only products available to consumers were bottles made from polycarbonate plastic, or aluminum bottles containing an epoxy or plastic resin lining the interior.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle | Why Not Polycarbonate?

The company was well aware of the early research raising suspicions that Bisphenol A (BPA) was a contributing factor in a whole host of deadly diseases and medical conditions.

Determined to provide a safe choice to consumers, they committed the company to providing a non-toxic, healthy alternative to plastic-lined aluminum and polycarbonate plastic bottles.…

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Filtered Water Bottlefiltered water bottle

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A Bobble filtered water bottle tackles several problems at once.  Everyone enjoyed the freedom of staying hydrated, no matter where they were, until reported concerns about polycarbonate water bottles became headline news.

After years of using those bottles, no one knew which might be full of dangerous toxins and which were safe for their families. With all the research into the dangers of polycarbonate bottles over the past few years, Bobble water bottles bring relief from worries about risks of using plastic bottles with the development of a filtered water bottle made from safe and recyclable alternative plastics.…

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Camelbak Water Bottlecamelbak hydrobak 50oz

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A Camelbak water bottle is a small step on the road to a very big idea.  Camelbak is the nine hundred pound gorilla in portable hydration systems.  They are the indisputable leader in the personal hydration industry, and they are the inventors of the first hands-free hydration system (pictured right). The company is named after the hump, once thought to store water, on the back of a camel.

In 1988 a long-distance cycler named Michael Eidson, who also happened to be an emergency medical technician, was preparing for a 100 mile race.  During that sweltering Wichita Falls summer, the proverbial light bulb burst into a radiant glow over his head.  He filled an IV bag with water and stuffed it into a tube sock with a hose clamped by a simple clothes pin.…

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Human BPA exposure is a growing concern among medical researchers. Where is BPA found, and what are its implications? It’s long established that Bisphenol A can leach from polycarbonate storage containers, particularly when cleaned with abrasive chemicals, strong detergents, or when containing high temperature or acidic fluids.

This is probably the most widely publicized source of BPA exposure; however, it is not the only source. There are many places this industrial chemical can touch our lives. It is pervasive. It might surprise you to learn how difficult BPA exposure is to avoid. Once you start looking around for it, BPA exposure hides in some pretty seemingly innocuous places.…

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Reusable Water Bottle | Cleaning Your Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle can help you comply with your doctor's suggested minimum of about 34 ounces of water per day. Safe drinking water is not always available in all workplaces. Store bought water can become costly fast if that is the only option at your work site.

A reusable water bottle is a well known eco-friendly and cost saving alternative to buying water in disposable bottles. A reusable water bottle comes in all sizes. It's easy to find one that holds 34 ounces or more, and it keeps your water cooler longer.

The most important thing to remember about a reusable water bottle is to clean it often to keep it free of bacteria; inside and out.…

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Lose belly fat by drinking beer and water? Really? I ran across this question, while perusing Yahoo Answers, from a gentleman asking if drinking a bottle of water after each beer could slow down or prevent a beer belly. Several posters offered short, dismissive answers. Obviously the question wasn’t taken very seriously by some of them.

Thinking back to when I was a young man, recalling my own pursuit of a beer belly–which is many more years ago than I intend to disclose here–I concluded the question deserved more than a dismissive answer. Putting myself back into that frame of mind, weight gain, dieting, calories, beer, health, and the whole mash of related topics couldn’t have been further from my happy-go-lucky mind.…

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