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A Camelbak water bottle is a small step on the road to a very big idea.  Camelbak is the nine hundred pound gorilla in portable hydration systems.  They are the indisputable leader in the personal hydration industry, and they are the inventors of the first hands-free hydration system (pictured right). The company is named after the hump, once thought to store water, on the back of a camel.

In 1988 a long-distance cycler named Michael Eidson, who also happened to be an emergency medical technician, was preparing for a 100 mile race.  During that sweltering Wichita Falls summer, the proverbial light bulb burst into a radiant glow over his head.  He filled an IV bag with water and stuffed it into a tube sock with a hose clamped by a simple clothes pin.

With nothing more than his biker's jersey to hold the makeshift invention on his back, he cycled into history by ushering in the era of Camelbak Water Bottle's innovative hydration technologies.  Michael Eidson's flash of inspiration launched a new company burning with a palpable obsession for innovation and environmental responsibility.  That obsession continues to this day.

Camelbak Water Bottle | Long Term Vision

The company's long-term vision is to eliminate disposable bottled water and the environmental waste it generates.  This is a monumental undertaking.

All sorts of discarded plastic tends to accumulate in a specific area of the North Pacific ocean due to wind and current patterns. As documented in the recent book release entitled "Plastic Ocean: How a Sea Captain’s Chance Discovery Launched a Determined Quest to Save the OceansCamelbak Water Bottle," by 2007 this island of plastic waste was twice the size of Texas, and growing at an alarming rate.

A seemingly remote issue, we are not unaffected by this problem. By sheer weight, the plastic outweighs available plankton in that area of ocean by an estimated six times.

The plastic, and whatever chemicals it was made with, is inexorably making its way into our food chain. The most obvious evidence is the alarming number of sea birds washing ashore, starved to death, packed full of the plastic they mistook for food

Camelbak Water Bottle | A Reusable Option

Replacing your disposable water bottles with a rugged, long-lasting, reusable Camelbak water bottle is one small thing you can do that can have a big impact.  In fact, whether you are using Nalgene water bottles, a reusable filtered water bottle, such as a Bobble water bottle, all of these solutions improve the environmental trajectory and won't contaminate your water.  A CamelBak water bottle is designed dishwasher safe because it takes only one sixth the water and soap to clean as would washing one by hand.

The CamelBak water bottle, branded as the "Camelbak Better Bottle,"  is constructed from an innovative copolyester polymer called Tritan, made available by Eastman.  Tritan has the same performance characteristics people expect  from thermoplastic containers, and it is 100 percent phthalate and BPA-free.  Whether your Camelbak water bottle is filled with boiling water, or exposed to below freezing temperatures, the Camelbak water bottle is up to the task.  The patented Big Bite Valve is made of medical-grade silicone.

Whether you're an athlete, an outdoor enthusiast, or a commuter on the go, the performance benefits the right hydration can deliver cannot be denied.  Staying hydrated responsibly with a Camelbak water bottle is good for you, and it's good for the environment.

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